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The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken ( Belgium ) are open to the public three weeks a year every spring. This tradition has been carried for almost a century. The monumental glass palace is an architectural masterpiece designed by Alphonse Balat , the mentor of another legendary Belgian architect Victor Horta, between 1874 and 1876 for Read More


Rotterdam. The City of the Future

During the Second World War bombings of 1940 and 1943, Rotterdam lost more than 6000 buildings and over 26,000 homes. This tragic loss of historical heritage has transformed the city into a testing ground for innovative styles of construction and for the technological experiments like floating architecture, robotic construction, wind powered buildings, 3D printing technologies Read More

Architecture of Norway. From fairy tales to futurism

Norway is well-known for its striking modern architecture which combine traditions and innovations, emphasized integration with the natural landscapes, minimalistic, yet sophisticated. A coastal area’s harsh climate dictated an economy, culture and political structure of the country. Vikings invented a longships ( about 25 meters long or longer ) and they had to learn how Read More

How To Grow Your House

Baubotanic is a new branch of architecture : a hybrid of nature and technology The bridge formed from living aerial roots of ficus trees. The living bridges are typical structures built by Khasi tribe in India. An inspiration for Baubotanic architecture – a new branch of sustainable architecture For the House of Future competition in Read More