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Spring is coming. Tribal Europe

Carnival is a traditional festive season that occurs in areas of strong Catholic influence , as well as Greek Orthodox. The time of  the major parades are February or early March ( Pre-Lent ). However, the celebration combining masks and street party has much older roots as a pagan reversal ritual. It’s popular in Western Europe and in Eastern Read More

hula valley

Hula Valley

In late October V-Blog travelled to the unique place in northern Israel to watch mesmerising sunrises and migrating birds. The Hula Valley is well known as National Reserve and a major stopover for birds migrating along Syrian-African Rift Valley between Europe, Africa and Asia. An estimated 500 million birds pass through the Hula Valley every year. Read More

Mikko Lagerstedt’s Photography

Mikko Lagerstedt is capturing emotions of places through photographs. A young photographer from Finland is a master of simplistic atmospheric landscapes and nordic nature. Mikko’s photography featured by BBC, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Yahoo, Nikon, The Huffington Post and Business Insider          Read More

saul leiter retrospective in antwerp FOMU

Saul Leiter. Retrospective

This Autumn, FOMU ( photography museum in Antwerp) presents a retrospective of the work of Saul Leiter ( 1923 – 2013 ), a pioneer of colour photography. Leiter was already using colour film in 1946 at a time when only black and white photography was accepted as an artistic medium. This fact negates the commonly-held Read More

Gregory Colbert

Nomadic Museum by Gregory Colbert

I have been tusked by an elephant, almost eaten by a sperm whale, knocked off my feet by a rhinoceros, embraced by a jaguar, given a haircut by a tiger shark, chased by a hippo and a black mamba, brought to my knees by malaria and dengue. But I was always able to avoid the Read More